Rob Cuesta, The Six-Figure Business Mentor for Coaches, Consultants and Trainers

Rob Cuesta is a former “Big 4” accountant and management consultant turned marketer and business strategist, with over twenty years’ experience as a trusted advisor to some of the biggest and best known organisations in the world.

With an international client roster that includes major accounting and consulting firms, global banks and IT companies, and government departments, he is in demand around the world as a speaker, trainer and coach.

In 2005, after three years in private practice as a consultant and trainer, Rob’s business was struggling, with annual fees running to rather less than he used to earn in 3 months as a manager with Deloitte Consulting. By December 2005 he had turned the business around, generating almost a quarter of a million pounds in fees over the next two years alone.

When the Credit Crunch hit in 2008, the holes in Rob’s business model quickly became apparent and he had to learn how to rebuild his practice fast, in the middle of the worst recession in over 70 years. He did, and created a practice that is now not only more profitable but also more robust than ever.

Building on his experience, Rob now specialises in driving coaces, consultants, trainers and any professional who sells their knowledge and expertise to grow their business by seeking out new clients, keeping them longer and charging them higher fees, even in the toughest economic conditions.

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