"FREE Book Reveals How To Grow A Six-Figure Coaching Or Consulting Income"

What does it really take to build a profitable, fulfilling business as a coach, consultant or professional adviser?

Are you a coach, consultant or trainer? Are you frustrated at struggling to create the kind of income and lifestyle that you planned when you started your business?

My name is Rob Cuesta, and even though we’ve never met, I’d like to give you something; I’d like to give you a copy of my new book “Secrets of a Six-Figure Expert”.

In Secrets of a Six-Figure Expert I share with you exactly how he built a six-figure coaching and consulting practice by breaking every rule in the book.

Inside the pages of this explosive book you’ll learn for FREE how I built a £132,000 ($211k) a year coaching and consulting practice, lost everything, and rebuilt it in the midst of the worst financial crisis the world has seen in over 70 years.

You’ll realise how following the standard ways of building a business is holding you back from achieving the success you deserve and taking up your place as the Natural Expert in your field.

And you’ll discover how to establish your position as THE expert at what you do.

You see, yet the truth is we are in an industry where we are paid for our expertise, and our success depends on being able to present our expertise to the market.

And that’s not something a lot of coaches and consultants find easy.

For some the problem is that they just don’t see what their natural expertise is – even though to everyone around them it might be glaringly obvious.

For others, the problem is that they KNOW they’re the best, but they struggle to explain their expertise to others, so they don’t get the recognition and reward they deserve.

Others are afraid of standing up and saying “I am the expert in …” because they don’t want to brag, or they may not feel confident enough yet to stake their claim.

So it’s no surprise that 96% of professional coaches and consultants never get to six-figures. In fact 80% struggle even to reach 50K.

Over the last ten years I’ve been privileged to grow my own successful six-figure corporate coaching, consulting and training business which takes me around the world working with some fantastic high-end clients.

I’ve also been fortunate to work closely with many other six- and seven-figure coaching and consulting businesses and watch how they built theirs.

And I noticed a real disconnect between what we were doing and the way most coaches and consultants and trainers are told to build their business.

Now don’t get me wrong.

I’ve tried the standard approaches.

I spent years creating products for a sales funnel.

I spent years trying to build a big mailing list.

I even ended up spending a fortune building a semi-professional studio setup at home to create products.

But that wasn’t what got me to where my business is today. In fact, it’s a model that still holds all but a privileged few back, stuck in overwhelm and confusion.

So Secrets of a Six-Figure Expert is about me sharing what I did instead, and what I’ve seen my closest colleagues (and competitors) doing.

I’ll show you TWELVE practice building secrets, including:

  • How to finally break free from the tyranny of the Sales Funnel and sell people directly into high-value coaching programs. No more $27 CDs
  • The one change that has destroyed the value of what 99% of coaches and consultants do. Until you understand this, you’ll keep trying to sell something no-one wants to pay for. And I’ll tell you what to sell them instead
  • How to get enough of the right clients–and the one thing you’re probably not doing enough
  • Why USPs and Niches are failing, and what you need to do instead. This one small change in your business will make people welcome your calls
  • One key element of your expert brand that will open doors and get you past the gatekeeper. You’ll never have to cold-call again

And much more.

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