Here's what my clients are saying

” I Can Spend More Time Coaching and Earning Money”

Rob Cuesta has provided me with a clear, logical and effective blueprint on how to cut through all the confusing noise around marketing, both on-line and off-line.

I have now been able to create a professional marketing strategy and put it on automatic so that rather than spend time struggling to find clients, I can spend more time coaching and earning money.

- George Pirintzi, London
Relationship Coach –


” I Had 35% More Sales From My Current Business In The Last 6 Months”

Rob’s seminars have great value for those people who would like to accelerate their business.

The seminars are a solid base if you want to transform your hobby into a profitable business. Personally for me, the seminars helped me find new ways to provide value for my clients, and I had about 35% more sales from my current business during the last 6 month.

I am looking forward to attending more of Rob’s seminars and workshops in future.

- Tadas Pakalnis, London
Relationship Expert


” In Just Under 6 Months The Results Have Been Phenomenal”

Rob Cuesta’s knowledge and mastery of his subject is always a pleasure to witness. In just under 6 months the results have been phenomenal: I have written and printed my first book, which is getting great reviews, and I’ve turned my coaching into a programe that is much easier to pitch.

- Alain Balanche-Jacquet, Birmingham
The Success Mindset Coach


“I Now Know How To Structure My Business To Help The Greatest Number Of People”

I have been wanting to develop a range of products, but I didn’t know where to start, what products to create or how to make it happen.

Rob shared so many real and practical examples, not only of products, but also how to structure my business to help the greatest number of people

- Maureen McKenna, Toronto


“Rob Clarified The Steps To Bring My Business To The Next Level”

Rob’s expertise and models not only clarified the steps necessary to bring my business to the next level but it also helped clarify my vision and purpose.

His humor, passion, integrity and knowledge shine through with every word.

I highly recommend Rob to anyone looking to increase value in their business.

- Len Benoit, Toronto
NLP Centres Canada


“I Unearthed £20,000 of Additional Revenue That I’d Previously Overseen”

Suddenly I could see a way forward and the pieces of the jigsaw began to fall slowly into place; a clear step by step detailed action plan was shaped and formed, and I know I can realistically achieve the targets set. I also learned huge amounts about myself, but the icing on the cake was unearthing a potential £20,000 of additional revenue that I’d previously overseen.

So what about you? Are you going to wait for the ‘business fairy’ to come along and wave a magic wand or are you going to take responsibility for yourself – TODAY?

- Allison Marlowe, Fareham
Hampshire Winning Women,


” I Gained Great Clarity And Confidence In My Ability To Create A Thriving Business”

I have been building my practice and prior to our session I had no idea what steps to take to move it forward.

Throughout my Breakthrough Session with Rob I gained great clarity and confidence in my ability to create a thriving business. By the end of the session a great deal of ground had been covered which left me with a number of forward actions that I can act upon immediately.

- Debra Jackson-Brophey, Ontario



Allison Marlowe -

Update from Allison: “Business is grand. I’m so glad you encouraged me to double my annual income target – I didn’t think I could do it, but just 3 months on and I’ve nearly hit the original goal for the WHOLE YEAR!”


Alan Dixon – The Imagination Works



“This is a model that could earn me £20,000 in the next three months and potentially be worth £100,000 in the next year.”

Nikki Wild –



I had been feeling overwhelmed by the process of building my professional practice. Rob Cuesta’s Practice Explosion workshop gave structure to that process and has made it manageable. I learned what to do–and and just as importantly what not to do–to market my business with genuine intent. It has opened up new possibilities for my business and given me the tools to get there. Rob delivers what he promises enthusiastically and authentically.


Tina Romano, Montreal



I had reached a point in growing my practice where I was stuck and didn’t know what to do. I had been struggling to find a niche and get clients, and had convinced myself i needed to be a guru just to get clients to talk to me. Rob has given me the tools and confidence to get things moving again. I now see clearly the areas where I add value to my clients, and can explain why they should hire me. If I apply what I have learned I know I will add at least $25,000 to my income this year.

Jean-Paul Gagnon, Montreal



I found Rob Cuesta’s Practice Explosion a well-timed wakeup call. Like many professionals, I know how to get great results for my clients, but I lacked the knowledge and skills to market myself. Now I know not just HOW to promote myself, but WHERE to do it.

I’d been worried the workshop might be all about the money, so I was very

pleased by how much reflection and soul-searching Rob encouraged us to do about our intent and our motivation. I was impressed by the quality of the materials and the content, and also the quality of the participants. What I have learned will make my life easier when it comes to building my business, and I believe I can make at least $40,000 more each year in my business by putting it into practice.

Sylvie Racine, Montreal



Rob takes an impassioned and pragmatic approach to supporting you realize your business dreams and aspirations.

Ruth Garrett



Liliana CustodioI was initially sceptical about the workshop, and not sure if it was relevant for me as I’m a social worker and HypnoBirthing® educator.

Rob gave me a clear picture of the steps I have to take to set up my business, but even more importantly taught me to recognise and accept my own value. It has helped me realise my potential and motivated me to put my ideas into action.

The next step is to get my website up and working for me!

Liliana Custodio one of life’s natural sceptics, I came to the workshop wondering if I would learn anything. My biggest challenge was how to get over my horror – no REVULSION – at the thought of having to “market” myself (even though I knew deep down I needed to do it).

What I learned is that I can market myself in a way that honours my deepest values: “marketing” is neither good nor bad – it is how you use it that matters, and Rob showed me many ways to use it with positive intent.

I had a great time. Normally I find these workshops draining, but the way Rob structured the course really helped me to stay energised and on track.

Chris de Castell




[PB_at_BrickworksWebSmall.JPG]Before the workshop I had vague ideas about how to market and sell my services. My biggest challenge was how to put it all together in a cohesive plan. Rob took us through every element of defining and articulating what I do for my clients, and how to plan and execute every aspect of a comprehensive marketing campaign.

Anyone who is starting a practice wants what Rob offers, to ensure their fabulous skills actually get used!

Patrick Boake



Rob Cuesta’s Practice Explosion workshop got me to ask myself questions I had never considered before, and I finally crystallised the vision for my new business.

If marketing is a mystery to you, OR if you want to see behind the curtain at how master marketers create a business then you MUST attend Practice Explosion!

Mike Yosher




I have been wanting to develop a range of products, but I didn’t know where to start, what products to create or how to make it happen.

Rob shared so many real and practical examples, not only of products, but also how to structure my business to help the greatest number of people.

Rob’s workshop taught me many practical, applicable solutions that I believe will strengthen and grow my business, and I know it will do the same for anyone else.

Maureen McKenna



AnnyBefore the workshop I was feeling that there was still so much more to be done in my business, and wondering what to do first.

Rob showed me step-by-step how to grow my practice, and above all where to start!

Thank you Rob, for showing me where to find clients and giving me a new direction in my business.

Anny Tenbult, PCPC



I am just starting as a coach, and my biggest challenge has been where to get clients. The workshop gave me so many ideas on how to set my business up, how to attract clients, and what to offer them beyond just my time. I will definitely be telling my friends to attend the seminar. There is so much to learn at every level!

Karla Turcotte